Hong Kong trader opened an asset growth of more than 100% in a few months !

High profitable auto options trading !

On March 11, 2015, binary options traders came from Hong Kong on the market and wanted us as Online-Investment-Club enlist. Since I get hundreds of such deals each day, I have the checkered flag first time. But no week later a member of our club came back with it, so I went after the still. From the past, as the Forex trader become more and more the options trading worked, I always order the 200-250 $ are left (lost) without ever voted Subjects of advertising. Total losses churning was the day's events. The offer of Marvin Trade was therefore launched with the minimum amount of $ 500, then to me with due caution. Just to test, you never know ...

Usually professional traders take, be it Forex, or Binary Trader, only customers from at least $ 50,000 or more. This but it has to be in off time in March with only $ 250 here, as it gets over a company that ensures that the trader needs to focus only on his work and nothing else, such as has to do with money deposits and withdrawals. For this purpose a company in Hong Kong was founded, or interposed which is controlled from Spain.

Meanwhile, I see what is running in the background, as diligently all software were eliminated errors and that the backers, have taken even less proud past until now but a good work. For months, it works better and yields are staggering, as the traders trade for us and because yields in options trading are high, especially the total loss risk always buzzing in my head. Nothing ventured, can not win anything logically as well, so we all enjoyed surprise. Can talk stupid man anything but a risk, anyone who only runs already on the road. My risk was $ 500 no more and no less. All subjects I have also explained the same risk and it went so far anyway good.

End of August 2015 where my lock limit was extinguished after 5 months, I have, as well as some of our members from our club Online-Investment-Club seen how developed everything for the best. Were proud but $ 10,258 in a few months from $ 500! That is impressive. In case of bad trading days as the Black Monday the end of August was not consistently traded. Fatal if something would be lost. There will also be traded only with 1% of the funds so that the risk of loss kept really small.

On my personal website here I will show you how this $ 500 $ Investment continues increasing, until such time as the great Gau comes of any trader brings again sometime back to reality. The longer you wait, the greater will be a loss. Of course you can lose here never more than one has brought capital as a risk and who was now more than five months and this is, of course, takes between 10 - 20% return every month to get out, to always be in profit. Just as everyone has gains, even if something goes horribly wrong. You never know. Options trading and Forex trading is subject to a high risk and should therefore be left to a professional trader. 99% of self-traders commit loss. Whoever claims otherwise is either a professional trader, or a liar. The trader sits in Hong Kong and earns only profits with what is acceptable and sometimes trades not when the policy, or psyche brings a bad day. This must be him credit for. The registered and registered at the trading company is headquartered in Hong Kong and the head office as a supervisory body is in Spain. The company has recently been a holding company with banking in West Africa. Abstruse contexts, but blue Sibel, when you look at world events with the banks that any and all blackmail, so that they can question and lock every penny profit. It's about an offshore bank that is not controlled by the EU.

For internet marketers still this: Because the company does not advertise and it is only available online, there for everyone who wants to give this further commissions as normal, with any online investment. This is voluntary, and no one has to do this, especially since the return on capital is enough. But who wants to do this, get decent bonuses that you can cash out at any time even without a waiting period. Each within 2 - 3 days you have on a credit card account that you can get to the money in the bank account or ships within 1 day. See Login of the organizer. Nobody has to do something! Everything is voluntary and has nothing to do with a quick pass system, which will soon take back comes in stupid forums. The whole thing looks really perfect and is to this day treated as such. Until now, there only 2 handover failures due to software failure in trading. Otherwise, everything is perfect. We hope for the best and generate some money as long as possible. There are not only winners, the trade needs to indeed losers. As in the other life also.

Here is my test data: beginning on 20 March 2015 only $ 500.- (five hundred dollars plus 24 CHF bank charges) Since September 11, the deposit limit is $ 1000.-

Payments to and on September 1, 2015 Total = $ 3 610.- ATTENTION: The deal was set in September ! But we soon bring a new trader 1.4 % to 3.8 % gain per week. her klick good read ...

Momentary trading capital in the account of the organizer on September 6, 2015 from $ 8 952.-

How to handle this is available on the organizer's website, for which I can give no guarantee and wants, even a return will be exhibiting in the future, especially since the past without your getradetes capital may not reflect the future. I show here only on what has happened with my capital and who would like to know more, should in our Online-Investment-Club Register in the German language in order to become a member. There is also shown almost daily in the news, such as investments and other work with proofs. Even complicated disbursement operations are clearly described, step by step, for the people of this matter are not yet grown. The ultimate goal in the club is to make money and not always lose. Here again the login link from the organizer: Marvin Trade


"Anyone who invests money in such possible or typical therefore coming HYIPs, should be clear that it also carries a total-loss risk and therefore only invest money that you are willing to lose in the worst case, or it must not live! Equally clear is that you take no credit for it to be. It is not for postpay payment from this organizer. "Is something ... Also very important is always, after the vesting period of the share capital, which professional traders so have at least been imposed capital immediately pay back with something to gain. Actually is the login that you risk only 1% of its total in the login, which is indeed very little, and therefore there is no danger. 100 false trades to make by a professional succession is virtually impossible. But only if it is then also acted as what no one knows with certainty. It's not my company. Therefore zero guarantee, neither from me, nor from anybody else. Guarantees are there only for the death. New is said, the company is now a holding company with a bank. If this was, so this is a guarantee for a lot of money in the future, so a cash cow strategy as it wants every investor.
To do 10 years ago I founded the first online investment club in Europe, because I know from experience, why so many people lose everything over and over again, so my unequivocal invitation to all persons the right thing, as we unfortunately see that the whole of humanity increasingly stupid. Also a lot of unfair confusion contributions be blogged so may mean that we have people who see a credit in an organizer account, but it itself can not withdraw as long as it goes well, because they understand the instruction manual even less, than the teeth brush. You laugh now, but this is the truth and I see this in 10 years time and again. Therefore, there is in our club also support 365 days, I've never seen from other clubs. We also know why ...
Who after 5 months "immediately" can pay off 10 - 20% of its accumulated assets can never say that it has reached no return and has subsequently also no risk more, as we always do in our club. Who is greedy, or is (a matter of character) should leave it alone, or he has suddenly nothing more. Who wants to know more, the logs in our Online-Investment-Club an.

Each of a Trading Account has is responsible for the taxation of its profits as is customary in his place of residence or tax country. Who is responsible with such a large margin deal, which is also capable of it to declare a small tax amount plus massive profits voluntarily. Until now, there were more than 75% return per month to be charged. All trades can be seen and understand and recalculate. Every penny has found so far his account. If there is something new, so we will report it here.

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