The most profitable and most independent Investment !

New cryptocurrency goes 2017 on the market.

A unique opportunity: Whoever buys to do tokens will make the value increase at one or, depending on the packages, several splittings with up to the end of 2016. This crypto currency will come back in 2017 on the global market.

Who knows the story of BitCoin, knows that many people who were from the beginning to millionaires mutated in a few months and years. After more than 7 years, the currency is worth 900,000 times the issue price. All those who want to put another golden egg in the lap, are well advised to take a package of the new crypt diet from 1,000 - 50,000 euros, to double it by splitting, or to proliferate, which in fact only until the end of 2016.     
1. Chance, the distribution: If you want to and is not a condition, you give your friends a referral link from the login and receive immediate bonuses, referential bonuses, matching bonuses and team bonuses for the application.
2. Chance of sales: His friends give you, if you will, and is not a condition, his Referallink from login and gets immediate Bonis, Referal- Bonis, matching bonuses and team bonuses for the application.

Not only do I go from a yield within a year to 300% and in a few years (about 3-5) of more than 1 000%. In our last year's crypt diet from Eastern Europe, as found under the news on this website, there was already 1 424% value increase in the first year and the construction goes for another 2 years. But since we can be here from the outset, we may even surpass this increase in value. At the last crypt we were there one month before the start, but here we have already integrated and placed many months before and bought our token packages. In addition, on the first day of the 10th of January in 2017, the mining will run completely, thanks to new technology. Then the Coin factory decentralized into the hands of the current sales partners, ie investors, which represents an absolutely new concept in the blockchain technology.

But this also means that the coins can be quantified only on 10 January in value since 1 billion coins are distributed at once on all partners and from then left to fate, the then BitCoin. There are no more coins as the issue date. 1 Mia.
This currency is not controlled by a government or bank and no central bank in the world has an impact on, and it is part of ALL, not a company. Users have the force of what regards the whole course with a democratic vote.

The sooner you get in there, the more return you can achieve it, because it is not about a common investment here. Big risks also bring ever greater gains. Here a multiplication!

Enjoy yourself.

" Facts: Here is my example - starting June 2016 "

My start at 08.06-2016 with $ 5 000.- for all packet.

Value through sales structure back to get immediate, direct, and Team Matching- Bonis: Several BTC.

Stand 23.12-2016 / + 177 %

With the Bonis and own resources I buy additional token packages.

Here again the registration link for news: "here click"

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