Self Coins mines with Avalon !

Cheap Mining Company: Start 01.08.2016.
Become a license partner and/or mine you rich!

Unique opportunity: anyone who buys a Minings package can mine lifetime, that is, lifetime. That is, as long as the machines do not give up the spirit and as long as it is profitable. To do this, choose a package after you have registered and verified yourself as a licensing partner. As a licensing partner you get everything 10% cheaper than pure miner. Of course you can. Mines is a raking process carried out with rented or purchased machinery to create real values. Virtual crypto currencies are created to sell them to hoarding, trading, or simply in Fiat money. Virtual gold, translated from English, gives every miner the opportunity to mine the currency he wants. Everything is absolutely legal as the miners help check the payments worldwide in the same process in the network.

Licensing fee in the first year 960.- $ BitCoin and Mining packages of about 800.- to 7000.- $ to choose from.

Then choose a package for mines. Better greater order also to have something like this. The next Halving is in the year 2020. Therefore, one can after the month was generated for the capital freely and FREE Coins mines until it is gone for good worth mines.

Since Avalon with solar energy working stream by instead of 85 ° 40 ° in the processor are hot and consume even 80% less energy than Commercial Miner machines, no charges will be as usual charged all Miner company, they want a fortiori the Cheapest Miner are worldwide. The beginning of mining in August 2016th

The license partners in turn will not only benefit from the best mines, but from many price advantages, courses on crypto currencies and mines, etc. Even more merits by a downline that can now be applied worldwide and speed enhancements the mining process from his downline inheriting for a whole year expanded the conceptual horizon of a franchising partner in this project. It is therefore not surprising that with mines and network structure multiples can be generated in value. For this reason I am talking about a basic income that you can buy here by Minings- packages and expand. Convenient to infinity.

The cryptocurrency Avalon X is a DAO token and in March 2017 also added thereto and thereafter managed in a decentralized, after a part is sold internally to make sure that no mischief can be operated. Maximum 49% of tokens that can be purchased as a license partner now. The internal trade prescribes the 1 Ethereum to 10 ALX may be exchanged.

" Something did not understand ? "

If you do not mind, as explained in all languages, or in our Online-Investment-Club, as a club member on the phone and online 365 days a year.
Of course, you can also only low and mines need to have to be a license partner, but then drop off all additional services and bonuses.

Who is no match for the word "cryptography", can be found online make smart what that really is. For example, here:

Enjoy yourself.

" Facts: Here is my example - Im starting May 2016 "

Official start at 01.08-2016 with first 960.- $ for licence packet.

Proceeds through license: In the first month get more than the annual license had cost completely. $ 1 547.- / 23-Dec-2016

Value Mining and Bonis: + 216 %

With the bonus and mining revenues, I regularly buy new mining packages in MHs since I am a license partner of Avalon. If you only want to have mines has not the same perks but mint is still the most favorable worldwide, as a customer.

Here again the registration link for licence partners: "here click"

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